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Using Chrome on Windows?

Remove Google Earth With Ease From Your Mac (Removal Guide)

Starting with version 42 released in April Chrome will disable all plugins including the Earth plugin by default. We are working on a 2D verison of Tour Builder for Chrome users.

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  • Install & uninstall Google Earth Pro - Google Earth Help?
  • Uninstall Google Earth Pro.

In the meantime, please try using another browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer. See below for more information.

Uninstall Google Earth Pro

Supported browsers Firefox: We are also looking into 3D alternatives to the Google Earth plugin so that all browsers can use Tour Builder in 3D again in the future. Why are major browsers dropping plugin support? Otherwise, I suggest you get rid of it and just use the application. Please give a link to an example page that requires the plugin so others can verify whether there's a problem with the site.

How to download Google Earth (mac)

I did restart the browser together with the computer. Sorry as I am new to mac I am seem like and idiot but where would I found the google earth application. I have looked in the application folder and it does not seem to be there.

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I have also gone to see if I can get it from the app store. I am a little lost!? How do I get google earth to work on my Mac More Less. Communities Contact Support.

Does your browser support the Google Earth plugin?

Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Gazza Gazza How do I get google earth to work on my Mac I have already downlaoded google earth and installed it, togehter with Adobe flash player.

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  4. Go to your Applications folder and search for the Google Earth application. Right-click the Google Earth application icon and select Move to Trash.

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    This is the way people use to delete the registry entries or other relevant documents of an application, but if you think you have successfully remove Google Earth from your Mac, you have been totally wrong, many users have asked for help through the internet, such as: How do I uninstall off of the MAC? I search everywhere and deleted all of everything that said google earth. I have tried restarting the computer but it is still on my computer.

    How to get rid of it?? It is recommended that you better us e Osx Uninstaller to help you get rid of Google Earth, not only this application, but for other stubborn applications, you can use it, too.

    Helpful answers

    Try it, you will find a different world in removal. Step 1: Step 2: Just wait for a second, all the components, folders and files relate to Google Earth are appeared on your face. Easily click Complete Uninstall , and then click Yes to confirm removal in the pop-up window.