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Above that is a Pro edition that can address more memory and supports development environments like Microsoft Visual Studio. And, a Business Edition that includes centralised license management tools for IT professionals to use. Not sure what operating systems you are likely to use? Then Oracle VM VirtualBox is a good choice because it supports an amazingly wide selection of host and client combinations.

Windows from XP onwards, any Linux level 2. There are even people that nostalgically run Windows 3.

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Oracle has been kind enough to support VirtualBox, and provide a wide selection of pre-built developer VMs to download and use at no cost. VMware offers a very comprehensive selection of virtualisation products, with Fusion 10 for the Apple Mac and Workstation 14 for the PC.

How to Install VirtualBox on Mac OS X

Despite the name difference, these two products offer effectively the same solution, though tailored to each host OS. Workstation, as the version numbering suggests, is a more mature product and delivers one of the most sophisticated VM implementations seen so far. Workstation Player for Windows or Linux is free for personal use, though Pro is required for business users, and those wanting to run restricted VMs created using Pro or Fusion Pro. Where this product slightly differs from other VM solutions is that it is both a VM host and also a machine emulator.

It manages to do this without administrator privileges, and the performance of VMs running on it is close to that of native installations. Last modified 3 weeks ago. Welcome to VirtualBox. Oracle today released a 6. See the Changelog for details.

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New January 28th, VirtualBox 5. Oracle today released a 5. It comes in two versions, Fusion 10, which costs about the same as Parallels Desktop, and Fusion 10 Pro, which is more expensive but adds feature aimed at enterprise customers, such as support for managing virtual servers. That means you can run Windows and Mac apps alongside each other and switch between them seamlessly. You can also copy and paste between Mac and Windows, share peripherals, and map Mac keyboard shortcuts in Windows.

But, as with Parallels, performance in the latest games lags behind Boot Camp and may prove frustrating. They have very similar features, and cost almost the same.

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Fortunately, both offer free trials — Parallels for 14 days and Fusion for 30 days — so you can download each one and try them out before making a decision on which to buy. You can then install Windows or Linux, or another version on macOS, on the other partition.

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If you plan to use Boot Camp Assistant to partition your main drive, remember to back it up first. Partitioning a drive is not quite major surgery, but it definitely carries the risk of losing data.

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Depending on how many applications you plan to install on your virtual machine and what you plan to use it for, you may need tens of gigabytes of free space on your Mac. As a first step, we recommend installing CleanMyMac X.

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It scans your Mac and looks for files that can be safely deleted.