Mac select foundation spf 15 review

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So I hit the MAC counter to see if they could deliver a really good foundation that would satisfy my requirements. I was interested in trying out the Studio fix fluid. But the Makeup artist that took care of me told me that studio fix is a heavy coverage foundation and is also completely matte. She gave a very generous sample of the foundation.

Best MAC Foundations For Different Skin Types

I have used it on occasions now, so I guess I can do a fair review now. Combines medium coverage with SPF Provides a fresh, natural matte finish. Layers up, lasts long: Best way to baby your skin! But I still wanted to give this one a fair chance and I brushed aside any prejudices I had and tried it. Oh boy, this one was a super disappointment from the first time I tired it. It looked artificial and gave me an ashen hue. SO, I thought my skin was probably dry and flaky and I had to moisturize better. The next time I tried I made sure my face was moisturized really well before applying this.

Still no go. But the soul inside me who thought MAC could never go wrong kept bugging me to give it some more chances. I did and my husband said I looked ghastly with the foundation on! I knew this was not going to work for me.

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So, on to the likes and dislikes…. Well, as you can see according to me this product has more dislikes than likes. The matte finish is definitely not working for me. Maybe for people with really oily skin this foundation may work. I find that my Revlon color stay foundation works so much better. This one was an epic fail for me. But their mineralize satin finish is really good. She is actually good looking naturally..

I love my MAC Satin finish but since you said you would give it a try, I suggest that you take a sample test first. Firstly I am bad with caps; I tend to lose it most of the times. But this kind of packaging really impressed me as there is no scope for the caps being lost and also you can control the quantity of foundation used when you pump it. This means of packaging assures that your foundation is going to last longer than usual. Usage Tip: Here is a simple tip to get your foundations blend very well on your skin. I am yet to purchase a professional foundation brush however the sponge that is right down here helps me with a good blending when you actually swipe it in a circular motion.

Rewinding a little, in the store I was so thrilled that I was all set to purchase my first product from MAC. So I asked the person to bill it and he came up with this reply — Rs. I was like, Whattttt? That moment I was little hesitant and slightly embarrassed too thinking of the situation how it would appear if I withdraw the purchase right away. On a serious note, the price gives us a little thought right up there on our minds for not many will be able to afford it.

But if you seriously wish to experience a high-end product at-least once in your life then you must definitely take a look at this product. It is worth every penny. The texture is smooth and buildable and lasts all day. The coverage is medium and looks extremely natural. It has this shade intellect technology in which the shades adjust to match your skin tone.

Since this is light, it can be worn everyday. Highly recommend! I hope this post has given you some useful information, will be back with much more information in future. Thanks to VNA for giving me this privilege of writing guest reviews. Feel free to drop in your comments if any.

The shades of matchmaster are named a little differently than the rest of Mac foundations. You can calculate accordingly. I like it a lot too. Thanks a lot Anshita: Glad that you liked it: A mac.. Thanks a lot Surbhi: Great review and it sounds wow!! Glad that you liked the review Gowthami: If you get a chance, try the product too…. D Thanks again: Thanks a lot Durga!!! Fabulous Clicks Saraswati. Before you lose the temptation you must definitely give it a shot. Juz get into a MAC store and ask them to suggest you a perfect shade..

I assume it will suit oily skin? Yes Tamanna, absolutely; infact oily skin is more benefited since this foundation dries too fast. It is instantly absorbed into pores and so people having an oily skin can go for it without second thoughts as is more beneficial for them. Regarding Matchmaster Vs Studio Fix ; if you are looking for medium coverage then Match Master works; but if you are looking for full coverage then you must opt for Studio Fix.. Usually for heavy make up, studio photo shoots and TV shoots people go for Studio Fix..

Lasting power: On my normal skin it lasts all day. In fact it gives perfectly matte finish to skin. This foundation covers all the spots without looking like a mask, I love the natural finish that it gives, which is matte but still looks flawless. You can add any highlighting liquid to add the dewy effect.

You only need a small amount and buff in it creates a natural base which lasts all day. For dry skin beauties I would recommend using a good moisturizer before applying the foundation. I have normal skin but in winters I found little dryness so prefer to apply a heavy moisturizer. I have dark circles as you can see in the pictures which it covers nicely. It suits my skin perfectly and looks great all day. It evens out my skin tone and does not make me look cakey or dewy.

I use Real Techniques pointed foundation brush or sometimes just fingers to blend and it blends very easily and effortlessly. It has SPF which is a plus point. The pleasant fragrance would not bother sensitive noses.

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I use a tiny amount and use the Real Techniques pointy foundation to blend it. You can build it up to get more coverage. Final Verdict: Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation Spf 15 is the perfect foundation for my normal skin. I love its finish, coverage and texture. It works great as a concealer too but I use MAC select cover-up concealer to hide my dark circles. It appears heavy when applied at first but is really light in texture and settles to natural matte look.

The foundation can give a beautiful finish if applied correctly. I highly recommend this foundation. Your skin is so flawless that I did not discern much difference in the before and after photos. But my! It does give such a natural finish!

MAC Select SPF 15 Foundation Review – Makeup For Life

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  6. Thanks for this Tej and Lovely review! You look pretty as always.

    MAC Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 Swatch and Review

    Most MAC foundations are awesome.. Anusriya recently posted… Review: Lovely review: On oil skin, it would last for almost hours.. That is a nice detailed review, very helpful, Tej. Nice clicks, demo and detailed review Tej! Keep shining: But this foundation is perfect in terms of coverage, lasting power and finish.. It sounds great! I would love to try it. You look fantastic even without make up!

    Demi Mist recently posted… Getting ready for the new baby. Now this looks like a perfect foundation for parties..